John Scott has over forty-five years in the arts and is the Maryland State Representative for the Chen Pan Ling family and the Ling Yun Pai family.  He has had the expressed honor and pleasure to have met and studied with many great and wonderful teachers.  It has been a beautiful journey and has taken him around the world to further study and learn.  He is completely devoted to the Chen Pan Ling Systems of martial and healing arts and is a senior disciple of Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching, Chen Pan Ling's son, and heir of the systems, who he loves like a father.  He is also proud to be the official Maryland State representative for the Chen Pan Ling World Family based out of Taichung, Taiwan.  It is also his honor to have studied with, and loved like a father, his late teacher, the wonderful Col. Chang Yuan Wei, the man who, along with his devoted wife,  Dr. Pat McGowen, translated the Chen Pan Ling textbook into English.  He has trained in China, Taiwan and Japan, and feels truly blessed to have shared these memories with so many wonderful people.  His goal is to spread the true teachings of Shaolin, Chen Pan Ling Taiji Quan, Hsing-I, Ba-Gua, the health arts of Qigong and the Weapons arts that are contained in the vast curriculum of the Chen Pan Ling systems of martial arts.